NOUN Portal Result 2020 First Semester Exam is Out – Check Here


Good news to students waiting on the virtual Noun result to be released. The all awaited virtual noun portal result 2020 is out. Released a few minutes ago.

Below is how to check noun exam result first semester 2020/2021 using the method that works best at the noun student portal result page. That said, The www nouonline net result check procedure is fast and simple. Here you have it:

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How to Check Noun Portal Result 2020/2021 First Semester Examination

  1. Visit the noun exam result portal –

    Click on the result check website link or copy and paste the URL in your web/mobile browser to go from there.01 CHECK NOUN PORTAL RESULT WEBSITE NOUONLINENET HOMEPAGE.png

  2. At the Nouonline student portal result website. Hover your mouse / click on the ” STUDENT LOGIN” menu button.

    Which opens up a new page to enter your noun student portal login credentials02 NOUN RESULT CHECKING STUDENT LOGIN NOUONLINE PORTAL PAGELINK.png

  3. Now, Enter your Noun matric number, Noun portal Password and click the “SUBMIT” button

    Which takes you to your student portal dashboard where you’ll be able to access the newly released second semester result.03 NOUN STUDENT PORTAL RESULT LOGIN PAGE WHILE CHECKING RELEASED NOUN EXAM RESULT.png

  4. Then, In the noun student portal dashboard, Hover or Click on “COURSES > MY RESULTS or VIEW YOUR RESULTS” as the case maybe.

    Some students may have it written as CHECK NOUN EXAM RESULT04 HOW TO CHECK NOUONLINE.NET NOUN EXAM RESULT.png

  5. Finally, is your Noun results

    Having all semester results both passed and failed courses so far.

That is it on the national open university result checking method in 2 minutes.

May this be for you, the best released noun portal results of 2020

Noun Result Portal Recommendation

  • Print the Noun online result page. You’ll need it during the final year clearance exercise. or
  • Save it on your Google Drive or Dropbox free account. It is better and safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if i didn’t see all my results

Go to your study centre for immediate action.

Why there’s no CGPA calculated field at the Noun result page

It was taken down for some reasons. Use the below-shared GPA calculator while the issue is been resolved.

I tried to login into my result portal but it couldn’t display anything

Use either the Mozilla or the Chrome browser. Most opera mobile browser versions doesn’t support Javascript to load Nouonline result information.

My project result was not included

See what to do now

The Noun statement of result not viewable. Why?

You can request for it at your study centre.

Can Statement of result and transcript be issued once final result is out or you have to wait till after Noun convocation?

Even if all your results are in your portal, Your name must appeared on the graduation list before you will be issued a statement of result in NOUN.

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